Sunday, March 06, 2011

**Sunday Social**

I'm trying to make the blog a little more interesting for you readers out there, so I have a bunch of new ideas to try on Fantastical :)

Starting with today! Today is going to be like Tidy Mom's I'm Lovin' It Wrap Up or Brown Eyed Baker's Weekend Dish. I want to share my favorite new dish I've tried this week and show what new blogs and recipes I have found online this week. I think spreading the word about other blogs is great :) I'm calling this day my Sunday Social!

Let's start out with my own favorites that I have posted on Fantastical this week:

  • Peanut Butter Fudge!! I sent the majority of it to my deployed hubby, but seriously...PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE!! I honestly think it's the best type of fudge, hands-down.
  • Grilled Chicken & Pineapple Quesadillas (from Pioneer Woman) - I wish I could send these to my deployed husband because they are probably the best meal I have ever eaten. I LOVE fresh pineapple (especially grilled) and these were just perfect. Of course, I added my own touch - BACON!
  • Pumpkin Devil's Food Cake. I love pumpkin. More than I love fresh pineapple. I also love chocolate, probably more than anything else in the world. So this was absolute heaven for me. Two ingredients! So incredibly easy and inexpensive!
  • Too Easy Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli and Rice Casserole - say that 5 times fast! Okay so I may just be telling you that I love food period because I love broccoli a lot too! This was really simple and had lots of flavor!
I have over 50 foodie blogs that I am following through many different channels - through Blogger, through FB, through RSS feed and even through email! I am completely obsessed. So here are some of the things I have bookmarked, saved, written down, etc. from all my favorite foodie blogs this week:
  • Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls from How Sweet It Is - yeah...CAKE BATTER. Oh nom nom nom! I had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard!
  • Pot of Gold Cupcakes from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - perfect for your little leprechauns! Or for a St. Patrick's Day party. And you have to check out her Rango cupcakes! They are so adorable!
  • Homemade Moon Pies from Brown Eyed Baker - did I mention that I like food? And chocolate? Yeah...I can obliterate a box of moon pies :)
  • Fried Rice & Ham from Get off your Butt and BAKE! - Mmm. I'm on a fried rice kick lately. This just looks mouth-watering!!
  • Devil Dogs from Pioneer Woman - at first glance, you think maybe it's some type of spicy hot dog, but it's actually a chocolately cake sandwich with frosting in between the layers and frosting on top with a cherry as the finishing touch!
  • Homemade Tagalongs from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - I have the exact same problem as Kristan, the girl scouts always skip over me for some reason and I want their cookies desperately. Thank God for foodies who make copycat recipes!!
Looking at that list makes me realize that I really do have a sweet tooth. I think the majority of recipes I find are sweets recipes :S

Anyways, that is what I'm going to start doing every Sunday :) I hope you all can find something new to make from my blog or any of the other awesome foodie blogs out there!

Monday will have a new blog activity as well called Menu Plan Monday, from

On Thursday, instead of my normal Twisted Thursday, I'm going to try (key word) to host a linky party. We'll see how that goes. I want to find more new foodie blogs and I want to do something fun with my blog to include other foodie bloggers. And I'm hoping that this week's Thursday will go a little better because the past Twisted Thursdays have been giant fails :(  So if you are around on Thursday - PLEASE share one of your favorite recipes. If you don't have a food blog, that's completely fine, comment or email me your favorite recipe! :)

I believe that is all for today! *Phew* I feel sort of accomplished.

Ohh! And one big favor to ask any of you reading this - please pass the word to your friends about the blog! I really want to do giveaways but I don't think I'll be able to do that until activity really picks up on here and I have tons of readers. :) So pass the word, if needed use peer pressure! :)

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