Sunday, March 13, 2011

**Sunday Social**

Happy Sunday everyone, or maybe not so happy since we all lost an hour of sleep :( I hate DLS.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Now it's time to share some of my favorites of the week :]

I haven't posted much on Fantastical this week due to a very hectic schedule - 3 college courses, a couple things going wrong (cable bill hadn't been paid in 3 months because I got a new debit card in Dec. and my tags expired 2 weeks ago and I didn't realize it) and a little man turned 4 years old! So next week, I should be on top of things. But I still got two really great recipes up this week:

  • Shamrock Shakes - St. Patty's Day is coming up this week and since I can't really drive my car with the expired tags (my stickers are going to my in laws and then will be sent up here...oh the joys of the military)...I can't really go to McD's and get one of their amazing Shamrock Shakes. I absolutely adore the people who replicate good restaurant recipes! It's also got options for lowfat or soy versions!
  • Cherry Berry Cobbler - sounds delicious, right? Y'all will HAVE to try this one. It's so delicious! I ate the whole thing by myself, another joy of the military - no husband here, no family here, no friends someone's gotta eat this food. I'm more than willing :)

 This week is FULL of amazing looking recipes all over the web:
  • Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread on Joy the Baker - I don't even know how to explain this one. It looks incredible and makes my mouth water!
  • Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pasta on Just Get Off Your Butt and BAKE! - I tried extra hard to find more non-sweets this week. Anything with bacon...and pasta...uh...YUM!
  • Thin Mint Truffles on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen - There is one thing I know well: anything with Thin Mints will be exponentially better than anything without Thin Mints :]
  • Olive Garden Breadsticks on Jamie Cooks It Up! - I don't like Olive Garden. I think its food is way overrated and overpriced. Except the breadsticks! The breadsticks are heaven!
  • San Fransisco Chops {Slow Cooker} on Mel's Kitchen Cafe - I need some more good pork recipes and this one looks so savory! And being a slow cooker recipe only makes it that much more appealing!
  • Banana Split Cupcakes on Annie's Eats - Oh my goodness gracious! They look so awesomely awesome! Banana cake, strawberry and pineapple filling, vanilla frosting, chocolate ganache and a cherry on top? YES PLEASE!!
  • Easy Breakfast Burritos on Cooking with My Kid -This one looks very simple and has my favorite things: refried beans and cheese, in it :)
I hope you all check out these great foodie blogs and their recipes and I hope that you have a great week!!

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