Saturday, March 31, 2012

March in Review

I really enjoy doing these monthly wrap ups - you can find January {here} and February {here} by clicking the links!

If you missed it, I have updated my recipe list page and tried to make it a bit more user-friendly. I also expanded my cloud list on the bottom with more specific labels {i.e. instead of fruit, you have berries, lemon, banana, pineapple}.
The Recipes

Main Dishes

I reviewed a few cookbooks this month:'s Dining Out At Home and Casserole Queens

I participated in both the Crazy Cooking Challenge and Secret Recipe Club this month. I posted Baked Spaghetti with Cream Cheese & French Fried Onions for CCC and Lemon Fettuccine for SRC. I also adopted an orphan from Group C of SRC this month and made Just Like Cotton Chiffon Cake.

I want to revisit my resolutions again and update on how well/awful I'm doing on them:
  • Drink more water -I was very sporadic this month - I need a solid 32 oz. a day in April!
  • Eat more fruit - I got some granola and yogurt to hopefully start doing parfaits.
  • Exercise 5x a week - I finished the 30 Day Shred on the 26th. I will be doing Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown with Ripped in 30 next. You can follow my "journey" over on my personal blog.
  • Get on a schedule - I definitely need to work on my time management skills.
  • Catch up on adding the printable feature to old recipes. - I didn't do any work on old recipes and printables :(
  • Keep organizing my recipe arsenal. I would like to at least finish the master recipe document that has all my favorite recipes that we've tried (or rather get it completely updated). - I have worked on this a great deal. I printed out a 9th set of recipes. I need to go through my bookmarks badly.
  • **new** Plan garden and get started indoors. ASAP.
  • **new** Work on emptying bookmarked recipes.
  • **new** Leave reviews {comments} for recipes I've tried where I got them.
  • **new** Look for duplicate recipes in the ones I have in the binders
  • **new** Work on finding out which store locally has the cheapest food without sacrificing quality.

If you missed them, you can find Sunday Social, Oh, How Pinteresting Weds., and Twisted Thursdays by scrolling all the way down and finding the little label cloud. Click on whichever you want to see :) Some great recipes were shared this month, as usual. The foodie world never ceases to blow my mind!

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