Saturday, June 30, 2012

June in Review

I really enjoy doing these monthly wrap ups - you can find January {here}, February {here}, March {here}, April {here}, and May {here} by clicking the links!

The Recipes
Favorites are noted with an asterisk!

Main Dishes
Side Dishes

I talked about Food Network Magazine, and Taste of Home Cooking School for my Fantastical Feature this month.

I participated in both the Crazy Cooking Challenge and Secret Recipe Club this month. I posted Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake for CCC and Spicy Jack Bacon Jalapeno Cheeseburgers for SRC. I'm also very happy to announce that I am now a Secret Recipe Club hostess. Group D love!!

I also did a little blog swap this month. You can find Mrs. White from Little Homemade Housewife {here} and links to her blog where I posted. We both talked about menu planning.

I want to revisit my resolutions again and update on how well/awful I'm doing on them:
  • Drink more water - I'm finally crossing this one off. It's my go-to drink!
  • Eat more fruit - We ate lots of fruits this month. I hope to continue :)
  • Get on a schedule - Doing much better here.
  • Catch up on adding the printable feature to old recipes. - I really need to work on this.
  • Work on emptying bookmarked recipes. - and work on this.
  • Leave reviews {comments} for recipes I've tried where I got them. - I did go through a few pages of my index and commented on some recipes I've tried :)
  • Look for duplicate recipes in the ones I have in the binders - Oy. Gotta do this too.
  • Update Blog Love page. - I swear I did stuff this month. LOL
  • Use breadmaker, cake pop maker, and KitchenAid pasta attachment - AND my waffle iron. - I still need to get the missing piece for my breadmaker. I didn't use the pop maker or pasta attachment. But I did use my waffle iron!! :)
  • Organize kitchen cabinets. - Worked on this a little. Will really hit it hard when I get back from vacation!!
If you missed them, you can find Sunday Social, Oh, How Pinteresting Weds., and Tasty Thursdays (formerly known as Twisted Thursdays) by scrolling all the way down and finding the little label cloud. Click on whichever you want to see :)

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