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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pinterest Weds #57

First off, I apologize for the overload of food pins this week! I've been clearing out my recipe bookmarks. I finally got to around Sept of last year and I'm working my way through the rest.

Source: thejunkhouse.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Philly Cheesesteak Pita Bread Pizza
Y'all know I love cheesesteak. I also love that this pizza is on pita bread!

Source: bakingwithblondie.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Blueberry Butter in the Slow Cooker
Yum! Doesn't this sound good?

Source: simplebites.net via Sarah on Pinterest

Spicy Dill Pickles
My husband is on a spicy pickle kick!

Source: recipeswelove1.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Chicken Parmesan Grilled Cheese
Now that I love chicken parm - I need to make it into a grilled cheese!

Source: brit.co via Sarah on Pinterest

Easy Pasta Sauce

This one looks like a keeper.

Source: thischickcooks.net via Sarah on Pinterest

Spaghetti & Meatball Pot Pie
What a unique and quirky take on both dishes!

Source: nibblemethis.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Snickers Fudge
Just look at the picture...look at it!

Source: abitofbeesknees.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Herbed Burgers
It looks so good and juicy and flavorful!

Source: mandymortimer.com via Sarah on Pinterest

100 After School Snacks
My oldest starts school in ONE WEEK. I need to stock up on snack ideas :)

Source: sixsistersstuff.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Spicy Vanilla Extract
Another really neat spicy idea!

Source: kellisretrokitchenarts.wordpress.com via Sarah on Pinterest

How to frost petals
I need to tap into my inner cake decorator and learn how to do this!
She's hiding in there somewhere. I'm convinced of this.

Source: birdonacake.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Cheesy Jalapeno Knots

Source: triedandtasty.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Blueberry-Peach Cobbler with Sugar Cookie Crust
Sugar cookie crust...cookies with cobbler!!

Source: yankee-kitchen-ninja.blogspot.com via Sarah on Pinterest

Spicy Pasta with Broccoli & Sausage
This is Italian sausage which I am craving like crazy!

Source: friediceanddonutholes.com via Sarah on Pinterest

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Nicholl Vincent said...

that cobbler makes me so happy!!!

Have a great Wednesday! Drop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello!

CJ @ Morsels of Life said...

So many tasty eats! I had the chicken parm pinned too, and I'll have to check out the pot pie, burgers, jalapeno knots, and who knows what else?! :)

SnoWhite said...

So many great finds! When I start reading your post I grab a name to remember for the comment... but I keep scrolling & my short-term memory fills up! They all look amazing. We tried the chicken parm sandwich and it was as good as it looks :)