Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Weds #60

Before I get started here...I just wanted to share that over on my personal blog, I co-host a Pinterest-themed linky party called The Pinterest Project. It's all about making the stuff you pin - whether it be food, a hair style, a craft, etc. It's open each week from Tuesday to Saturday. I'd love for you to stop by and add a post :)
Homemade Cheese & Bacon Pizza
This looks so droolicious and mouthwatering!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Baked Lemon Tortellini
I'm all about some lemon lately...and bacon...and pasta...

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Homemade Enchilada Sauce
This looks like a great shortcut! Ingredient control is always nice too.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Hedgehog Cupcakes
Beyond adorable!!

Source: Uploaded by user via Sarah on Pinterest

Creamy Pea Salad
I was just thinking about this and then I saw the recipe when I was browsing my linky parties.
I used to eat this all the time as a kid and it's always been a favorite.
I just didn't have the recipe until now!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Very Vanilla Granola
Looks like a great breakfast :)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

To-Die For Carrot Cake
Mmm. I love carrot cake. I'd die for this one!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Make Ahead Instant Oatmeal Packs
Another great shortcut with ingredient control!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Brown Sugar Hazelnut Cookies
Now that I've had Nutella...gotta make these!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Cheap & Healthy Adult Sack Lunches
From one of my sponsors, Jane! And more ingredient control! YAY!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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Love Bakes Good Cakes said...

Thanks for sharing my Creamy Pea Salad, Sarah! I hope it's like you remember it!

Morsels of Life | CJ Huang said...

so many tasty eats! I'm especially liking the pizza and the hedgehogs are so cute! :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, that pizza looks so good! I can't look at these posts when I'm hungry. :/

Anonymous said...

Great list and thank you for sharing!

SnoWhite said...

The tortellini looks wonderful & those hedgehogs... adorable!!