Sunday, September 30, 2012

September in Review

The Recipes
Favorites are noted with an asterisk!
Main Dishes
Side Dishes
There were two cookbook features this month: Sweet Magnolias and Weeknights with Giada.
I participated in Secret Recipe Club this month and posted Brazilian Pao de Queijo from Bewitching Kitchen.
Also since I now have sponsor spots open - meet my current sponsors {here} and see what recipes they shared on their spotlight day!

I want to revisit my resolutions again and update on how well/awful I'm doing on them:
  • Get on a schedule - I want to get on a good blogging schedule - like blog posts during a certain time of day on a certain day, etc.
  • Catch up on adding the printable feature to old recipes. -I really need to work on this one still.
  • Work on emptying bookmarked recipes. - almost done!
  • Leave reviews {comments} for recipes I've tried where I got them. - Need to find a way to keep track of the new recipe reviewing system I have.
  • Use breadmaker, cake pop maker, and KitchenAid pasta attachment. - I made dumplings which is close to pasta, so I will be trying to use my attachment in October.
  • Add tried recipes to my Master List. - gotta work on this too.
  • Figure out which recipes have been posted that aren't in a binder or on my Master List. - DOOOO IT!
  • **NEW** Plan December & January's themed weeks - including recipes and the banners.
  • **NEW** Don't forget the food bucket list! Make stuff off of it.
  • **NEW** Make November menu plan and grocery lists for Oct/Nov ahead of time.
  • **NEW** Organize and use what is in my freezer.  
If you missed them, you can find Sunday Social, Oh, How Pinteresting Weds., and Tasty Thursdays by scrolling all the way down and finding the little label cloud. Click on whichever you want to see :)

I really enjoy doing these monthly wrap ups - you can find January {here}, February {here}, March {here}, April {here}, May {here}, June, July {here}, and August {here} by clicking the links! 

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