Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Review

The Recipes
Favorites are noted with an asterisk!
Side Dishes
There was one cookbook feature this month: Taste of Home: Best Loved Recipes.
I participated in Secret Recipe Club this month and posted Asparagus Gruyere Tart from Fried Ice & Donut Holes.

I want to revisit my resolutions again and update on how well/awful I'm doing on them:
  • Get on a schedule - I have been really awesome with this one in November. Mostly because I basically had to force myself to do it with all kinds of appointments and things I had to do.
  • Catch up on adding the printable feature to old recipes. - Added a few.
  • Work on emptying bookmarked recipes. - All the way up to the O's
  • Use breadmaker, cake pop maker, and KitchenAid pasta attachment. - I still want to do this.
  • Add tried recipes to my Master List. - I still need to do this. Still.
  • Figure out which recipes have been posted that aren't in a binder or on my Master List. - I need to find the time to do it.
  • Plan December & January's themed weeks - including recipes and the banners. - done!
  • Don't forget the food bucket list! Make stuff off of it. - I have been working on this. I may have been too ambitious with my desserts portion of it.
  • Make November menu plan and grocery lists for Oct/Nov ahead of time. - I finally did this - I didn't make grocery lists ahead of time, but I did get the menu plan for the whole month done. It was a time saver for sure.
  • Organize and use what is in my freezer.  - I didn't necessarily organize, but I did use most of what's in there.
  • **NEW** Update to-try and favorites lists.
  • **NEW** Make a list of what is in my freezer and in my pantry.
  • **NEW** Work on organizing more themed weeks.
  • **NEW** Prepare new blog stuff for the new year!
  • **NEW** Get more organized on the sponsorship stuff.
If you missed them, you can find Sunday Social and Tasty Thursdays by scrolling all the way down and finding the little label cloud. Click on whichever you want to see :)

I really enjoy doing these monthly wrap ups - you can find January {here}, February {here}, March {here}, April {here}, May {here}, June, July {here}, August {here}, September {here}, and October {here} by clicking the links! 

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