Monday, December 31, 2012

December in Review

The Recipes
Favorites are noted with an asterisk!
I participated again in Finding Joy in My Kitchen's Countdown can find the best of recipes as follows: Breakfast, Soup/Bread, Main Dish, Snack & Appetizer, Dessert, and Reader Favorites. The 2012 Recap will be posted tomorrow.

P.S. I am doing blog design for Blogger blogs for $20. This encompasses everything from a custom header with or without social media icons, social media icons (if they aren't in your header), a little picture about me, blog post dividers, etc. I have some examples on my personal blog. I'm sure you all have noticed I change my own look frequently. I'm trying to design for others to keep from changing mine too often :)

I want to revisit my resolutions again and update on how well/awful I'm doing on them:
  • Get on a schedule - I hope to continue this, as the last two months have been great.
  • Catch up on adding the printable feature to old recipes. - Didn't work on this because I was too busy.
  • Work on emptying bookmarked recipes. - Did a few here and there. I'm to the "r's"
  • Use breadmaker, cake pop maker, and KitchenAid pasta attachment. - In. The. New. Year!
  • Add tried recipes to my Master List. - Caught up for the most part. This is definitely ongoing on though.
  • Figure out which recipes have been posted that aren't in a binder or on my Master List. - Done!
  • Update to-try and favorites lists. - still need to do.
  • Make a list of what is in my freezer and in my pantry. - this will be better for when we get home after vacation anyways.
  • Work on organizing more themed weeks.- I have ideas for Feb & March. I just need to make for Feb. March will be beer week - guest posting from my husband!
  • Prepare new blog stuff for the new year!- working on this one.
  • Get more organized on the sponsorship stuff.- I need a better system. Badly.
If you missed them, you can find Sunday Social and Tasty Thursdays by scrolling all the way down and finding the little label cloud. Click on whichever you want to see :)

I really enjoy doing these monthly wrap ups - you can find January {here}, February {here}, March {here}, April {here}, May {here}, June, July {here}, August {here}, September {here}, October {here}, and November {here} by clicking the links! 

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