Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sunday Social #96


Happy February! I spent my weekend furiously preparing future posts. I have 20 scheduled and over 75 drafts. *phew* February is going to be a busy month with lots of birthdays in the family - including my daughter - and 3 different training courses for some Army Family Readiness stuff...and then my oldest has a week off of school near the end of the month! I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for the 7th thru 14th time period because that is the notorious "Worst Week for Lake Effect Snow" up here in almost-Canada New York.

Tomorrow is the start of Chocolate Week! Chocolate is one of my favoritest things in the whole wide world and it's perfect timing with Valentine's Day coming up!

Just in case you missed any of January's postings, I did a nice wrap up of everything on the 31st.
{Fantastical Favorites}
What I loved from my blog this week...

{Around the Web Favorites}
What I loved from everywhere else this week...
The following pictures are owned by the blogs linked underneath. I have no rights to these droolicious pictures! 

Copycat Little Caesar's Breadsticks
from Mandy's Recipe Box
I love LC breadsticks - they are the best and I'm so glad Mandy posted this recipe 
because I love me a good copycat recipe :)

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Pineapple Ginger Smoothie
from Gimme Some Oven
I think it's just the color of this smoothie that called to me. It looks fantastic.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Beer, Chocolate, Peanut, and Pretzel Cookies
from Heather Christo Cooks
I think my husband has turned me into a beerhound. I can sniff a beer recipe out from a mile away. I have never had beer in a sweet dish before, but I'm excited for this adventure!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Dip
from Shugary Sweets
Aimee shares the BEST sweets, I swear! I cannot get over how tasty this dip looks.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Churro Puffs
from Dishing with Leslie
Fun fact: I've never had churros. But I badly want to. Look at all those cinnamony goodness!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Tiramisu Cupcakes
from Life is Sweets
I looked at the preparation for this and love how coffee is drizzled on top of the cupcakes to soak in. These have got to be simply divine!

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Mocha Cappuccino Puppy Chow
from Inside BruCrew Life
How many of y'all call it puppy chow? What about muddy buddies or white trash?
I grew up with it being called puppy chow. Jocelyn's version looks incredible.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Ball
from Brown Eyed Baker
Drool. Drool. Drool.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

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