Thursday, September 01, 2016

Throwback Thursday #18

Throwback Thursday No. | Rediscovering Old Favorites in the Recipe Archive

Hello, everyone! I decided to get a headstart and not post at 10:30pm (my time) today. I am happy to be back for another Throwback Thursday to share what goodies I have in my archive. We do Throwback Thursday each week for dinner too where we have something we've had before - which my family loves. I love doing these posts because it reminds me of things that I definitely would like to make again soon.

Up first is one of my childhood favorite breakfast foods: CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS. My mom used to buy the little pouch and make muffins for my brother and I when we were little. I loved when she would get the chocolate chip muffins and I find myself trying to find the perfect recipe to bring myself back. You can still buy the pouches, but I love homemade recipes and I love that they make so many more than the little pouch. These were a huge winner in my book. They were moist and fluffy!

And then the second recipe I have to share with y'all is this awesome protein-packed BACON CHICKEN ALFREDO PASTA. It has bacon, ham, and chicken plus tons of veggies plus pasta. So it's one of my all-time favorites. It is a bit time-consuming, so I don't make it a lot, but it's so good that it's hard to not want to make it all the time. :)

Bacon Chicken Alfredo Pasta | Chicken, ham, & bacon combine with asparagus and tomato to make this alfredo pasta the best ever! #recipe #bacon


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