Thursday, October 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday #22

Throwback Thursday No. 22 | Rediscovering Old Favorites in the Recipe Archive

I'm on a roll and back again for another throwback post! I sincerely love these posts and seeing old recipes in my archives (and also cringing at the pictures because I need to update them so badly!) - really it's a love/hate post. I love seeing old favorites...I "hate" seeing those pictures. LOL.

Today, I am sharing something that isn't my favorite, but a favorite of Nick's. He loves Krystal's and White Castle. I'm not a fan. But I'm a nice wifie and often make him foods I don't like because fortunately for him - I like him! He loves these ALMOST WHITE CASTLE HAMBURGERS. It's a pretty good copycat. It really does taste like the little burgers.

Almost White Castle Hamburgers | These little burgers are just like the real thing (White Castle/Krystal's) and you can freeze them for a quick snack/meal! #recipe #copycat #WhiteCastle

And another goodie that does happen to be one of my favorites is MOM'S SOFT RAISIN COOKIES. There are a few memes out there that talk about the betrayal of picking up a cookie and finding raisins in it when you think it's going to be a chocolate chip cookie. I personally don't like raisins...except in cookies and bread. That's it. These are spiced with cinnamon and soft and chewy, so they are wonderful and I love them.


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