Thursday, December 13, 2018

Throwback Thursday No. 75

Throwback Thursday No. 75 | Rediscovering Old Favorites in the Recipe Archive

I went through an era of pasta with grilled chicken recipes and this GRILLED CHICKEN PASTA WITH TOMATO CREAM SAUCE was definitely one of my favorite recipes at that time. It remains one of my favorite chicken pasta recipes to this very day.
Grilled Chicken Pasta with Tomato Cream Sauce. Decadent, rich, and fancy, but easy to make. #pasta #chicken #tomato

I also cannot stress how much I love Hawaiian pizza and this SWEET 'N SPICY HAWAIIAN PIZZA is probably my second favorite (only second to Sally's Hawaiian Pizza) and it was a huge surprise. The sauce is made of apricot preserves and I thought for sure it would be too sweet or tart and I'd hate it, but it was amazing!
Sweet & Spicy Hawaiian Pizza. A new spin on one of the best kinds of pizza. #pizza #ham #pineapple #spicy


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