Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Our New Favorite: Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies #BEFlavorFull #ad

Many thanks to Birds Eye for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to make bold veggies for my family without sacrificing precious time to spend with them!

My kids are somewhat on the rare side. They LOVE veggies. However, they do complain when I make plain vegetables for sides. I picked up some of Birds Eye Flavor Full frozen vegetables to appease their request for flavored vegetable sides. I typically steam all of our vegetables, but since the colder months are upon us and fresh produce isn't too reliable, my go-to is Birds Eye Steamfresh frozen veggies - and I definitely stock up on them. It is incredibly convenient for me to just grab a side from the freezer and place it in the microwave while I finish up making dinner - especially on Mondays when I grocery shop, volunteer at Girl Scouts after school until 4:45, and rush home to fix dinner because Nick and Matthew leave for Boy Scouts at 6:45. I have been making a lot of one pot or crockpot meals on Mondays and I love having a quick veggie side dish, like the Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies, on hand and ready to go. There are eight different varieties to try. We started out with Buffalo Cauliflower and Ranch Broccoli. We were having a one pot pasta dish and I knew I would not get any complaints with the spicy side, so we tried that one first.

Turn your family into veggie lovers with Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies #BEFlavorFull #ad

Matthew and Cami were happy to see that I was making a flavored veggie, but I think Nick was even more excited than they were. He lives for buffalo-flavored anything. We have a hard time finding buffalo foods that don't have blue cheese or ranch with them - which Nick would not touch with a ten foot pole. I will eat ranch, but I prefer my spicy foods to be spicy and not have ranch with it. The Birds Eye Flavor Full Buffalo Cauliflower does not, I repeat, DOES NOT, have any cool aspect to it. It is definitely a side for spicy food lovers. And it was perfection. It was spicy, but not too overwhelming for the kids and it had very bold buffalo flavor to it. A lot of times spiciness takes over and it won't have any flavor to it, just heat. This was not the case. We were very impressed with the buffalo cauliflower and will most definitely make it a regular side at our dinner table.

Turn your family into veggie lovers with Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies #BEFlavorFull #ad 

Birds Eye currently has a $1.00 off coupon on their website [good for 30 days, but not available past 12/31/15], so be sure to stop by and save a little money when you buy these awesome veggies! There are 8 varieties in all, so I cannot wait to try all the different kinds. You can visit their website to see all of the varieties - there is one that pairs perfectly for every type of cuisine - or use their handy store locator to find a store that carries the Flavor Full veggies near you.

Cami especially loved the Flavor Full Buffalo Cauliflower. She is my slow eater who doesn't eat large quantities of really anything. After she finished her pasta and first round of cauliflower, she asked if she could eat the rest of what was left of the cauliflower! She literally grabbed the bowl it was in and chowed down. That is definitely a win in this mom's book!

Turn your family into veggie lovers with Birds Eye Flavor Full veggies #BEFlavorFull #ad


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