Friday, May 29, 2020

Food Cart Inspired Chicken

This Food Cart Inspired Chicken is perfect for summertime with the lemon garlic chicken - veggies and a delicious yogurt sauce!

I am not sure what kind of food cart food this is supposed to be (Greek, Mediterranean?) but I'm on board with it. I love a yogurt sauce that's similar to tzatziki and having cucumber, tomato, and onion with it. I love this lemon garlic chicken too - it paired with everything so well. YUM!

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Copycat DQ Ice Cream Cake

Classic DQ ice cream cake with layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate crunch bits, chocolate fudge, and a light and fluffy whipped topping.

When I was a kid, Dairy Queen was a big deal. I loved going and getting the chicken strip basket and loved even more getting to turn in my coin for a Dilly bar. Occasionally, if it was a good year for my family, my mom would get a DQ ice cream cake for my birthday and I loved when she did so so much. I don't really even care for chocolate ice cream, but the DQ ice cream cake is supreme! My favorite parts are definitely the chocolate crunch bits AND the delicious light and fluffy whipped frosting. I'll be honest and tell you that I have no clue why I made this cake when I did. It was in the midst of all the birthdays, but it wasn't for someone's birthday. Because as an adult, you don't have to wait until your birthday to have the cake of your dreams, I guess!

Monday, May 25, 2020

Menu Plan Monday - May 25, 2020

Menu Plan Monday for May 25, 2020 // What I'm making this week #menuplanmonday #mealplan

And just like that May is wrapping up! We're finishing the month with some of my all-time favorites. There are a few new things and I'm excited about those too. I've been pretty lucky with finding what I need for recipes like the ones that are coming this week.

Monday - Roasted Garlic and Cheese Spaghetti [blog no longer active]
Tuesday - Pork Tostadas
Wednesday - Egg Roll Soup
Thursday - Grilled Cobb Salad
Friday - Cheesy Cheeseburgers
Weekend - English Muffin French Toast Sticks // Kielbasa, Pepper, and Onion Hash // Peanut Butter Crisscrosses

What are you having for dinner this week?
Feel free to leave a link to the recipe in the comments!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Applebee's Fiesta Lime Chicken Copycat

This Applebee's copycat chicken is topped with a Mexi-ranch sauce, pico de gallo, and loads of cheese!

I just posted the cheesecake I made for my sister-in-law's birthday last year and today I get to post the dinner she chose. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get to make dinner that the birthday person wants and she requested copycat Applebee's. I had heard of this dish, but never looked into it to see what exactly was on Fiesta Lime Chicken because I always order the same thing there (Quesadilla Burger). I was so happy to make this recipe because it surprised me in the best way and I'm glad my sister-in-law asked for it.

Friday, May 22, 2020

White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

This delicious cheesecake dessert is so beautiful that it's hard to believe it's so easy to make!

One of my favorite things about having a large family is the amount of birthdays we get to celebrate, which means we get to eat lots of cake. I'm always so happy to make someone's birthday cake if they want and my sister-in-law requested raspberry cheesecake last year for her birthday cake and trusted me to find a good recipe. I usually am successful and this raspberry cheesecake was definitely perfect! It's simple yet rich and way too delicious for how simple it is. The raspberry sauce really truly makes this dessert and the way you make the hearts on top makes for such a beautiful cheesecake and again - SO simple!