Tuesday, August 01, 2023

A Fresh Start - Check out my new blog!

Big Announcement

I knew at some point I would want to change my blog name but I was just too far in after a decade. Then I found out that Google Domains was going away and I was going to switch to Squarespace for my domain. I decided to just go ahead and make a giant switch. Not sponsored, but it wasn't too horrible of a jump.

So with that, Fantastical Sharing of Recipes will be at a new home soon and be called The Recipe Jackpot. I definitely struggled with a name, but this is one that I thought suited me because I utilize my blog as a huge resource for meal planning. It's a vault of all kinds of recipes - tons of my favorites. So it's like I've hit the recipe jackpot every time I am on it. Even if no one else reads it, it's a digital archive of the best of the best for me and my family. 

I've imported all of my posts onto the new blog (they are not live yet though) and I will be working through each post to give them a facelift. I had started that process already anyways so I really just need to consistently work on it. This blog will possibly go away at some point. I'm just not sure when that will be. If I'm able to reroute traffic from specific posts to the new url, I'll do that. But I still have to delve into researching that!

Thanks for coming along with me on my food blogging journey!