Friday, October 17, 2014

Fantastical Friday: Life Lately

I'm kind of unprepared for today. I wanted to share a roundup of crockpot dessert recipes, but forgot to ask around to see who had some good ones to share. I didn't want to do a pregnancy update because I just did one last week and not much has changed...21 weeks today. Woo! So I decided to share a few pictures and babble a bit.

I just finished my sixty hour in-class observation time and have been furiously writing 4 papers this week. I still need to finish my last one. But I'm procrastinating. I probably would have been done, but I decided to work on my laptop and then I got distracted by fixing it. I think I finally have all the mess of problems wrong with it fixed and it's running faster and better now, so that's good.

Little by little, I am buying stuff for the baby. I waited until 12 weeks to start buying and each payday I get something. Now that we're past the halfway mark...I've been trying to buy the bigger stuff. I now have my playard and stroller. I'll be getting the carseat next. I've decided to go woodland animal themed for the little guy. So foxes, owls, raccoons, and lots of greens and browns.

I also had a sicky home with me one day this week after a long four day weekend. He took to laying on the floor with one of my in-law's dogs, Peyton, and they cuddled up to sleep together. Her head is buried under blankets in this picture :)

East Tennessee is cooling down and the fall colors are happening and it's absolutely gorgeous. I don't miss New York a bit. I missed home! :)

And, of course, it wouldn't be a fun photo dump/babble without showing a picture of one of my kitties. Muffin has been hamming it up lately and distracting me when I try to work on my college stuff. But I can't help but pay her attention. Look at how precious she is!

And in the midst of all this...hubs and I are finally hitting adulthood. I mean we are both closer to 30 than 20, but after being in the military lifestyle for so long, we escaped the real adult stuff. We put an offer on a house and we are working on turning in paperwork to our bank for the mortgage. Which is just insane...we're gonna be getting our own house. Not "renting" a crappy falling apart military duplex with noisy nosy next door neighbors....having our own house! EEP.

And that is life lately. Completely crazy and hectic, but somehow it feels normal and right :)



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