Wednesday, January 16, 2013

10 Soups To Keep You Warm

Dear Fantastical Readers,
In an effort to reference older recipes and also just bring some great collections of a certain type of recipe to the front page, I will now do a "collection" every other Wednesday or so. This is something I have been planning for months and decided to hold off until the new year to start. I'm so very excited and hope that it is something y'all love too!

This is all-time favorite soup. It's the one recipe that our family has eaten over and over and over again. To eat a recipe more than once is a miracle because I've got a never-ending pile of new recipes to try. It's the right amount of cheesy with a melt-in-your-mouth richness from the pureed onion, celery, and carrots. Plus lots and lots of broccoli!

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Venturing a little out of the comfort zone with this soup, I didn't really know what to expect. But really if you add bacon or cheese to family (and many others) is likely to eat it.

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This was my first successful chicken noodle soup. What makes this one stand out is that you have Italian meatballs in it as well...definitely a man's soup. TWO kinds of meat in one tasty, warm-you-to-your-toes meal.

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Homemade meatballs are one of my new favorite things to make. I used to cringe at the thought and once upon a time, I was actually really bad at making them. This particular recipe of wedding soup uses kale - which adds a nice layer of slight bitterness to the sweet carrots and savory broth. But in all seriousness, the meatballs are the best part of the soup.

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When I was a kid (and I've told this "tale" many times in my soup posts), I used to despise the red can soup. Absolutely despise. It made me hate nights we had soup...unless my mom made her homemade ham bone soup. Tomato soup is one of those iffy soups for me, but this one was rich, thick, creamy and had bombtastic grilled cheese croutons on top!

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While this soup seems very light, it's actually a very hearty soup. We've made it with chicken broth once, but I have to say, it definitely needs the beer. See, beer and cheese are best friends, okay? And they always need to be together. Plus there's bacon. And some corn :)

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I had seen this all over my blog feed for so long - here's the thing: I really don't like lasagna. My husband doesn't either. It's just not one of our favorite things. However, this soup was killer. Every time I see it, my mouth waters because I can remember exactly what it tasted like. I can't help but love the pile of cheese that is hidden at the bottom of the bowl too :)

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Again, red can = bad. But the bean and bacon red can soup was their best soup that they made, so it is no surprise that I just had to find a homemade recipe for it. This is a dead-on version that makes a whole lot more than just a measly can.

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After some research, I found that Olive Garden's version uses ditalini pasta. I don't think that I'd change this recipe though. The tortellini is the most amazing pasta to have in a soup. Hands down.  I also found out with research that pasta e fajoli means pasta and beans. So in this soup, you will find pasta, beans, veggies, and meat. You'll eat til your belly is about to burst and have to convince yourself not to eat even more.

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I am a PDub fan through and through. She has all the best recipes. This one is probably in the top five recipes of hers - for me. This chicken soup has heavy cream in it - which isn't traditional for chicken soup. It also has a TON of vegetables I love soup with veggies, if you didn't pick up on it!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
I hope one or more of these 10 wonderful soups 
will make their way to your kitchens soon!
Can't wait to share the next collection!


Kelly said...

These all look and sound delicious, I will have to try a few!

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Verte Photo said...

Oh you might be my new fav blog to read! I am a foodie at heart!
I found you on the GYB hop - can't wait to read up on your version on the lasagne soup!

Elaine said...

I'm usually not a fan of soup, but I've been seriously craving it lately. I love this collection of recipes. Definitely trying some of these soon!!

Found you on GYB :)