Friday, May 23, 2014

Fantastical Friday

I have been majorly flaking on Fantastical Fridays lately. I've been mega mega busy with my school stuff. On May 2nd, I was speaking with my student mentor and she got me up to speed on an audit coming up for students on the timeline for student teaching next January...and I found out I had 6 classes to pass by June 1st. So I've been in complete beast mode...

Here's what my first and current term looked like two days ago (complete with 4 Praxis exams - my fifth has scores pending...not sure if it's a pass/fail yet):

I had two classes with multiple-choice assessments and four classes with papers or performance-based assessments. I had two classes remaining - took my last multiple-choice assessment yesterday and passed. And I worked on the last task of four (three already passed) for my General Physics class... waiting on it to be graded. I got to build a couple circuits!

We've also been incredibly busy trying to sell my Grand Prix and there were a ton of bumps in the road with that one...entirely too many on every side of it. But I'm glad that someone got Prixie and she will continue to truck along like she always has - very reliable, amazing car :) But I needed something bigger with the kids being older and planning on getting a big dog in the next year or so. We sold Prixie last week and also bought this baby last week. It's a Cadillac SRX. I'm seriously in love. It's a 2004, so it's a little older, but it's got so much stuff my 2006 Grand Prix did NOT have. Her name is Alice :)

So with all that craziness - school and car selling/buying (privately)...OYE! The blog has been on the back burner. OH! I also created a new blog to chronicle my journey to become a teacher too: Teacher's Pet to Teacher. So I'm basically a hot let's just look at some delicious treats!

Fantastical Friday | Sharing my favorite finds this week - check out where you can find these yummy treats!

Strawberry Pineapple Shaker Upper {non-alcoholic drink} from Something Swanky - Recipe | Pin it
Breaded Fried Cauliflower from Or Whatever You Do - Recipe | Pin it
French Vanilla Cappuccino Cupcakes from Living Better Together* - Recipe | Pin it
Healthy Reese's Fudge from Desserts With Benefits - Recipe | Pin it
Glazed Oatmeal Cookies from Whatcha Makin' Now? - Recipe | Pin it
Gooey Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Bars from Back For Seconds - Recipe | Pin it
Godiva Hazelnut Crunch Cupcakes from The Cake Blog - Recipe | Pin it
Kisses Cookies & Cream Chocolate Fudge from Call Me PMc - Recipe | Pin it
Soft Butterscotch S'mores Cookies from Gate to Plate - Recipe | Pin it
Mom's Famous Fluffy Frosting from Smart School House - Recipe | Pin it

* - Living Better Together is transferring from Blogger to Wordpress with a few hiccups, but it should be back up really soon. If the blog is down, definitely pin it for later! It looks amazing :)


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