Monday, March 21, 2016

Menu Plan Monday - March 21, 2016

 Menu Plan Monday on Mar 21, 2016 | My week of meals and grocery list! #menuplan #groceries

This week marks the LAST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!! I tell you what...February & March are birthday months for the kids and it is cake after cake after cake after presents after cake. I'm swimming in presents and cakes. This year is the first year that I did birthday parties for Matthew and Cami with their friends. Matthew's birthday is on the 11th, so his was hard to plan because spring break was the week that followed and this weekend is Easter. Cami's party was super adorable and the bakery that did hers handled everything. Matthew's party with his friends is the opposite - I ordered pizza and drinks, but I have to provide the cake and goodie bags. He requested bacon cupcakes, so I'm getting some ideas together to make him happy.

Skillet Bruschetta Chicken
Chicken breasts, Italian dressing, grape tomatoes, basil, spaghetti, asparagus

Sizzling Steak Burrito Bowls
Steak, carne asada marinade, jalapeno (2), chipotle with adobo sauce, Spanish rice, diced tomatoes, lettuce, roma tomato (3), onion, cilantro, guacamole, cheddar cheese (1 cup), lime, pinto beans, corn, poblano, red bell pepper

Ultimate Chocolate Chip Muffins // Ham & Vegetable Barley Soup
flour (2 3/4 cups), unsalted butter (1/2 cup), granulated sugar (1 1/4 cup), eggs (3), milk, semisweet chocolate chips (2 cups) // ham steak with bone, chicken broth (8 cups), red potatoes (4), diced tomatoes, shallots (2), celery, lima beans, pearl barley (1 cup), zucchini

cocoa (1/2 cup), buttermilk (1 cup), eggs (2), flour (2 1/4 cups), baking soda, heavy cream (1/2 cup), Nutella (1/2 cup), dulce de leche, butter (1 stick), Dream Whip, powdered sugar (3 cups), thick cut bacon

Slow Cooker Crack Chicken Sandwiches
chicken breasts, cream cheese (2)?, Ranch seasoning packets (2), bacon, hamburger buns, chips, macaroni and cheese

Brownie Pudding // Snickers Milkshakes
flour (1/2 cup), granulated sugar (2 cups), eggs (4), vanilla bean*, unsalted butter (1 cup) // fun-sized Snickers bars, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, aerosol whipped cream, chopped peanuts

Tatortot Egg Bake // Roast Beef with Onion Gravy
turkey breakfast sausage, spinach, eggs (6), medium cheddar cheese (2 cup), golden crowns // beef roast (3 to 4 lb), onion soup mix, potatoes (4), green beans


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