Thursday, December 27, 2018

Countdown to 2019: Best Breakfasts

It's time to share the best recipes of 2018 to ring in the new year!

This is sure to be one of my favorite categories because I love breakfast foods. I was a little better making breakfasts throughout the year in 2018 and have more to choose from, which makes me happy. I hope to continue to make breakfast recipes in 2019 even though I am not a morning person. I am looking forward to all of the best breakfast recipes my blogging pals have to share as well.

2018 Best Breakfasts |
  1. Biscoff Muffins - The streusel is amazing and the whole muffin is buttery and delicious.
  2. Strawberry Shortcake Donuts - These are so easy to make (refrigerated biscuits for the win!) and so darn good!
  3. Butterbeer Pancakes - Definitely one of the most decadent breakfasts I've ever made and it was definitely a little laborious, but worth it.
  4. Maple Bars - These were another easy recipe made from biscuits that I didn't think I would like because I don't like maple, but I loved them.
  5. Banana Pudding Pancakes - I made these for my 30th birthday breakfast and it was the right way to start out my 30s!
  6. Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins - Chocolate chip muffins are the best and I loved these so much.
  7. Steak Hash with Pepperjack Sauce - My one savory breakfast to share that completely blew me out of the water. It's probably my husband's favorite breakfast recipe of all-time.
  8. Middle of the Cinnamon Roll Muffins - I actually made these a while back but forgot the glaze. I made them again but lost the picture when my harddrive failed. So I had to make them again - poor me ;) They are the best part of a cinnamon roll in muffin form.

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