Monday, December 26, 2011

Countdown to 2012: Best Breakfast Recipes of 2011

 Countdown to 2011 with Finding Joy in My Kitchen

SnoWhite over at Finding Joy in My Kitchen is hosting a Countdown to 2012 - a recap of all the best of the best recipes from this year. I definitely wanted a way to recap my blog's best recipes and I love the idea of doing it by category. Very organized!

Today's theme is Best Breakfast Recipes of 2011.

I started off the year with Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Copycats. They are unbelievably good.

Then I tried out some great, EZ Donuts, that you make from buttermilk biscuits from a can!

Followed by one of my favorite recipes, period: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes.

While I was on my desserty pancake kick, I made Cake Batter Pancakes. They are delicious.

Then not to steer away from my favorite breakfast food too much: Pioneer Woman's French Toast with Berry Butter. Ree Drummond never fails me.

And to have a more normal breakfast that is probably more healthy than most of the food I make: Broccoli & Ham Frittata. I did eat half of it by myself...that's probably not so healthy.

Not to be outdone by the early year sweet breakfasts, I ended the year with Funfetti Cake Donuts and S'Mores Pancakes!

I hope you all found some breakfast foods you want to try out. To see more breakfast recipes, go here! I hope you stick around - because tomorrow is Best Bread Recipes day!


SnoWhite said...

oh my! Sugar! These all look awesome, perfect for that special treat breakfast :)

Desi said...

Man oh man there are some tasties in that list! I want the cinnabon, all of the pancakes, and that berry butter looks amazing!!