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Fantastical Feature: The Madhouse Cookbook

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Published 28 February 2013

Synopsis via Amazon:
Oh, how Jo Pratt's life has changed over the last few years! Gone are the days of spending a day or two preparing for elaborate dinner parties, using ingredients she hunted down in back-street markets and fancy deli shops. That was all pre-children - now things are very different. She's a busy mum who has to juggle work, children and all the associated chaos. She lives in a madhouse! Bestselling author Jo has devised a cookbook full of delicious and healthy food that addresses one of the most challenging problems experienced by busy parents: finding time to cook meals for their family. The recipes are simple, easy to shop for and quick to make, with shortcuts and prepare-ahead tips. But there's much more to the book than this - there are also Lifesaver mini-recipes that give you staples for your freezer and store cupboard, and Leftovers mini-recipes too, to show you how to be clever and get more value out of time spent in the kitchen. There are three chapters - 'Monday to Friday Survival', 'Busy Weekends' and 'Cling onto your Social Life'. These chapters feature recipes for every meal and eventuality, including weekday kids' teatime recipes that will go down a storm, dinners that will wow your friends, and Sunday lunches to make the most of those precious moments of relaxation with your family.

My Thoughts:
I cannot wait to buy this cookbook to put on my shelf. It was absolutely lovely. From the synopsis, you can see that it is full of quick meals for everyday life, whether you're a parent or a working woman/man. It was colorful and had so much content - recipes for so many different tastes. There were recipes that were normal and others that even though they were simple to make, look like they cam from a 5-star restaurant!

I made Sweet & Sour Pineapple Sauce. It was so good and quick!

This was probably the whole family's favorite recipe that I made: Tomato, Asparagus, and Prosciutto Tart. It was puff pastry, tomatoes, asparagus, prosciutto, and cheese. It was our first time having prosciutto and we definitely love it. This will be a recipe that will be made often!

I also made the Spaghetti & Zucchini Carbonara - my first time making a true carbonara with the eggs and all. The zucchini was pretty awesome in it too - you grate it up and it's hardly noticeable. Which is a great way to get your kiddos to eat zucchini without them knowing :) Oh and there's bacon!

I give it 5 utensils.
It had a variety of recipes that could be made in a quick fix, which is important to me as a mom!

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Disclaimer: I received a e-galley copy of The Madhouse Cookbook from Watkins Publishing Limited via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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