Friday, June 23, 2017

Fantastical Friday: Meet Archer

I usually share food stuff on Fridays, but today is a post about our new pet. My About Me page has my pets listed and pictured because, of course, I love them so much. Over the past few weeks, the local shelters have been posting about cats and kittens and it's been breaking my heart. I have always wanted to foster pets but I don't think it would really work with the pets we have now. Saydee is very submissive and we tried to foster (to possibly adopt) a puppy and it didn't work. She wouldn't eat and then the puppy would eat her food. It was a bit of a disaster. I don't think fostering kittens would be smart right now with Mason being crazy and climbing everything -- and I'm not sure how our cats would react to more than one new cat being thrown into the bunch.

Plus Nick was not interested in getting any more animals right now. He knows if he didn't reel me in, I'd probably have 20 cats by now. I grew up with a dog and loved him dearly, but I am definitely a cat person. Not that I hate dogs, but I prefer cats. I guess I had worn Nick down with all the cuteness in the cat and kitten posts I had shared from our local shelter because while I was making dinner, he asked if I wanted to take the kids and go get one. I didn't know if he was messing around and gave him my best Sasha Valour "Don't joke about that" impression.

He wasn't joking and we ended up driving to one of the pet stores (the shelter was working with) to see their adoptable animals. I have no problems adopting an adult pet. Bella and Muffin, our two cats, were both over a year old when we adopted them. But we knew with having the dog and two cats, a kitten was probably the better choice. We were checking out three different boy kittens, two from the same litter and a little orange one. In the end, we chose "Bobby Socks" because he was very friendly and sweet.

He is a 2 month old American shorthair that we named Archer Mallory Sterling. He's the cutest little dude ever. I'm hoping he may be part Maine Coon because of the little tufts on the tips of his ears. He adjusted really well to the house and has been eating, drinking, and using the litterbox like a pro. Archer is a little weary of Mason if he is being really crazy right next to him and he doesn't know what to think of the other three animals. Saydee is really excited about him and I think they will be best friends eventually. Bella is more or less neutral to the situation. She has been treating him like a typical little brother and growls or hisses if he is being too rowdy right next to her. Muffin is...well, being Muffin. She is not happy about him and has been reeeeally not happy if he comes near her. We've been keeping them more-or-less separated for a majority of the time to ease them into a good relationship. If you all have any tips or tricks for reinforcing positive interactions between an old cat and a new cat, I'd love to hear them!

The transition from 3 animals to 4 has been way smoother than I could have expected and I'm hoping the other two cats will warm up to Archer here in the next few weeks and that Archer will warm up to Saydee as he gets older because Saydee just wants to love him and be his best friend.

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!


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