Friday, August 15, 2014

Fantastical Friday: Big News!

It seems like I've had a lot of big news lately, but this one was a surprise to us and really exciting: we're expecting our third child - due February 27, 2015!! :) It's technically not been kept that big of a secret...Nick and I have never been great with I've actually posted a few times referencing me being pregnant on Instagram. I've made two boards on Pinterest too. But for all intents and purposes, this is my official announcement...and since I start new weeks in my pregnancy on Fridays, it only seems fitting to update on Fridays.

From the get-go, even though this is a complete surprise (we thought we were just having 2 and my other two are 6 and 7), I feel more prepared for this one than either of my other two. I got pregnant with my daughter when I was 8 weeks postpartum with my son, so I really had no real mom experience yet. This go-around, I know exactly what products I like/don't like and want/need. I have my plan in mind. I'm not nervous at all for labor/delivery. I'm not nervous about having a newborn and losing sleep. I already know I want to cloth diaper, make my own baby food, exclusively pump, and try to do no binkies. Both of my kiddos were pretty amazing at all the things I was scared/nervous of and that has made me a lot more confident as a mother. They both switched seamlessly from bottle to cup, baby food to big people food, formula/breastmilk to cow's milk, and they only took binkies at sleep time, so getting rid of them was easy. They both "pottytrained" themselves - leaving me with no stress about it and very few accidents to clean up (nighttime accidents happened here and there in the beginning). Needless to say, I'm super antsy and wish it was February already. I have had baby fever for a really long time and love being a mom, so bring on baby #3.

So now for the baby stuff - I'll have to update with a bump picture later today! And yes, there is a bump...yay for baby #3.
Bump pic update!

How far along are you? 12 weeks [first trimester]
How are you feeling? Pretty amazing, really. I had some slight nausea from 4 weeks to about 9. Then it was some major bloating until week 11. Now it's slight bloating and heartburn. Didn't have heartburn with my others. But as far as nausea goes...this is so mild. I have been tired, but I do have a lot going on.
How big is baby? The size of a key lime/plum!
How are you sleeping? For the most part, alright. I do wake up or toss and turn, but a lot of that is allergies (runny nose) and occasional "oh crap! I gotta pee!". Still sleeping on my stomach.
Food cravings/aversions? I've been wanting homemade greasy food and red meat and pot roast and potatoes. I finally have been able to start drinking coffee again last week. Chicken is still "eh" - it all tastes like it's 3 days old and microwaved, even if it's just cooked in a cast iron skillet. Not really sweets-heavy right now. So basically just like with Matthew.
Any milestones? Just the little stuff - like first doctor's appointment (with the same doctor I had up til 36 weeks with Matthew), first ultrasound where I saw the teeny baby bean and heard the heartbeat, and almost being through the first trimester.

So there we go, a big announcement - and you'll see updates here and there. There shouldn't be any change in the food stuff because I am still making and eating a variety of foods. :)


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