Friday, May 15, 2015

Fantastical Friday

What a busy couple of weeks or so! I haven't been keeping up with the blog as much as I like and my blogging schedule is SHOT. I hate that I'm not keeping to posting my MPM, then recipes on Tuesday & Wednesday, and, of course, Fantastical Friday posts! My older two have had a lot going on with the end of school approaching. They have just one week left :( We have had some family come into town and spent time with them - obviously, blogging takes the back burner. I also have a now more awake almost-3 month old :) He needs a lot of Mommy during his awake times - which makes sense, of course. So this means, I'm not really blogging. Oh the drafts are piling up! I have had plenty of posts almost finished, but never scheduled or posted. I also haven't been pinning and that makes me soooo sad.

I'm hoping to get on a better schedule during the summer - especially with not having to leave the house to go drop off and pick up the older two :) And if you're interested, I am sporadically blogging on my personal blog that I revamped: Rocky Top Real Talk.'s to hoping to a better posting schedule and a more present me here on Fantastical :)


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