Friday, January 19, 2018

Fantastical Friday

Today's Fantastical Friday is going to be short and sweet.

Recently, many social media platforms have decided to yet again change their algorithm. Effectively making it to where you see what the powers that be *think* you want to see. It hurts small creators a lot to do this. As a consumer myself, this drives me crazy. If I follow a page, I want to see their posts. I don't want someone else to say, no, she doesn't need that, she needs to connect with more people. I connect with people in my real life on my own terms, not on social media. I use social media to connect with others who share common interests, like recipes or books, through pages that I follow.

So this is just a "PSA", if you want to continue to see pages you follow, be sure to engage with them. Like and comment on posts. Share posts. This shows the powers that be that you WANT to see them and I think we can all agree if we "like" a page or follow someone, we want to see their content. :)


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