Friday, December 31, 2021

Countdown to 2022: Most Popular

Counting down the most popular/viewed recipes of 2021 to ring in the new year!

I love seeing the most viewed recipes on the blog at the end of the year. I didn't know what to expect this year with my lack of posting in the last fourth, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
  1. Copycat McDonald's Pancakes - with almost triple the views as number 2, I'm not surprised but I am surprised that a copycat recipe is in the number one slot. I am surprised that it's pancakes but not surprised that it's a copycat.
  2. Slow Cooker Creamy Beef Stroganoff - I could not get a good picture of this to save my life but it's a great recipe.
  3. Crazy Crust Pizza - This was on my main dish list and I really thought it was fun and interesting. Again, the crust batter is liquid and you top it with meat and bake it. THEN you top with sauce, cheese, and other toppings and bake it again.
  4. Cheesy Kielbasa with Rice and Broccoli - I was surprised to see this one on the list. It's a really comforting meal and simple, but sometimes that's really nice to have.
  5. Korean Beef Bowls with Veggies - This one was also on my main dish list - super colorful (featured in the collage above), easy, and delicious!
  6. Giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cookie - I loved making this recipe - it's only one cookie. We split it four ways because it is more than enough cookie for four people to split.
  7. Ultimate Bangers and Mash - Another from my main dish list - I am not surprised to see this one on the most viewed list. IT'S SO GOOD!
  8. Cream Cheese Rippled Pumpkin Bread - I didn't get a lot of pumpkin recipes posted - this may be the only one and it made the list. For absolute good reason.
  9. Bacon Cheeseburger Salad - I was a little surprised to see this one on here. I love salads. Especially ones for lunch or dinner.
  10. Peach Crumble Waffles - I am so happy to see this one get views because it's one that I took a base waffle recipe and came up with the rest in my brain!

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