Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tasty Thursday #84: Olive Garden Pasta e Fagoli Soup {Copycat}

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Olive Garden Pasta e Fagoli Soup. This copycat can be made in the crockpot or on the stove, with little to no effort at all. #copycat #soup #pasta #beef


Julie said...

This looks delicious! I just posted a tortellini meatball soup on my blog! It was delicious.

Have a great day!

April said...

Your soup looks delicious! Definitely a hearty soup to chase the chill of Fall away.

Tobins' Tastes said...

I just made and posted about a copy cat of Olive Garden's Chicken & Gnocchi Soup! Great minds think alike!


Morsels of Life | CJ Huang said...

Your soup looks perfect for fall weather! Thanks for hosting. :)

Unknown said...

OMG I want that soup! It looks delicious!