Friday, May 02, 2014

A Photo An Hour {a link up}

I am really excited to co-host this linky with my bffs, Melissa & Amber! I always miss out on the photo an hour fun when other bloggers do it, so I propositioned Melissa and Amber and they were totally game too. The linky is simple: for one day, take a picture an hour to share what your typical day is like. It's really fun to see what other bloggers do in a typical day - I mean I'm a mom and a student living where there was still snow when I took my pictures, but not every blogger spends their day with kids, homework, and frigid wastelandness.

For anyone wanting to participate, the link up will stay open for one week, so don't be sad and think you missed it. Take pictures tomorrow or Monday and come by and link up! All we ask is that you have a link to one of our blogs somewhere in your post, so that others can stop by and join in too. Also if you are using any social media and would like to include our hashtag (how trendy of us - see what I did there!?): #photoanhourlinky

So time for my typical day! As I said up there, when I took my photos it was March 20th (somewhere in there) and we still had snow here in New York. Luckily we are now snow-free..although still in the high 40s/low 50s :/

My day starts out with waking the kids up, getting their breakfast, and getting my breakfast...scrambled eggs this particular morning. Then some browsing  of all my social media sites, checking email, etc.

Time to walk the kids down to the bus stop. Blech.

I realize my school stuff and other junk is piling up next to my desk. Time to clean it up.

Studying and finally emptied my first cup of coffee. I usually get my cup after the kids are on the bus, but I don't like drinking my coffee scalding hot. It takes me forever to finish the first cup. 
[P.S. My desk is much cleaner now]

At the time, I was studying for my Fundamentals of Foundational Perspectives of Education exam. Much like the army, the educational world has lots of acronyms. I also eat lunch in this timeframe. Just not pictured.

12 pm
Utilizing my fixed Keurig [that is now having issues again *sigh*] - I had brought it back from the dead and was really stoked about it! :) I needed some more liquid motivation!

1 pm
Getting dinner into the crockpot [Chipotle steak quesadillas to be exact]

Some more studying...

Walk down to the bus stop to get the kids - they picked chocolate chip muffins for snack.

Working on my General Chemistry 1 lab thing that was pretty much an essay.

Time to start making the last portion of the recipe I started earlier...

Jumped up from the dinner table to add my VA client's post to a linky party :) Don't these brownie bites look amazing?! More info on the VA stuff: here.

Taking a little breather to play the Sims!!

Kids are in bed and I am studying a little more...

Time to hang out with hubby and enjoy some quality programming 
[this particular night: Family Guy!] before bed at 10.

A little has changed since then...I now go to the gym around 11 to get on the elliptical during the week. I have been hitting the books pretty hard and haven't really played any Sims or Skyrim lately :( And obviously I spend some time with the kids when they are home. It's not all school and computer. I do a little blogging in there as well and cleaning too...but for the most part...that is a typical day! Can't wait to see what everyone else's day is like :)


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