Friday, December 04, 2015

Countdown to 2016: The Information Post

I have been participating in a fun shindig called "Countdown to..." each year since 2011 to round up my best/favorite recipes from the year from Fantastical. I joined other food bloggers in this really fun activity sharing round ups from Dec 26 until Jan 1 to ring in the new year. Last year, the original host did not host it and I decided to host my own countdown because I adore it so much. I'm hosting again this year for those interested!

All you have to do is round up the best recipes you posted in 2015 on your blog for each category. I typically make a collage for easy pinning. Each post you can stop by and link up to the corresponding day, here on Fantastical or on the Secret Recipe Club website. On the 1st, the "Wild Card" category is simply a you-choose category. You can share your favorite recipes from 2015, recipes from someone else's blog that you can't wait to try in 2016, beverages, etc. Any kind of miscellaneous round up that you would like to game on the first day of 2016!

If you have any questions, please email me at fantasticalsharing1 at gmail dot com. I'll see you back on the 26th for the first Countdown to 2016 post all about the best appetizers and snacks recipes of 2015! Sign up link is below the image at the end of the post.You do not have to participate every day or all the days. If you want to do just dessert and reader faves, you are welcome to just those. Or just one day, that's perfectly fine! It is up to you how many or few you want to do.

Please feel free to post on your blog about the Countdown or share the button on your sidebar. To save, right-click and upload to your blog. Do not copy/paste.

The Countdown to 2016 begins December 26 - if you have a food blog, feel free to join in! #Countdownto2016 #best


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