Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Caramel Frappe {Copycat}

I'm kind of a huge frappe fan. I don't really go out of my way to get Starbucks because (don't shoot me) I don't think it's all that good. In fact, most of their drinks are just weird tasting. Except the frappuccinos. I love the frappuccinos. I also completely love the BK Caramel Frappe. I know McD's has one too.

But what in the world do they put in that stuff? I mean seriously, do people even think about it? But I digress...I made a frappe at home...and so easy and more delicious than the stuff you get at any place - gonna make this all the time!

McDonald's Caramel Frappe {Copycat} - you'll never have to leave the house again to enjoy this frozen drink! #copycat #frappuccino #caramel #beverage
What you need:
  • 1/2 cup strong coffee, frozen
  • 3 Tbsp. caramel syrup (the kind in the coffee aisle - not the ice cream sundae stuff)
  • 2 Tbsp. sugar
  • 1/2 cup whole milk
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 10 to 12 ice cubes
  • Whipped cream (the kind in a can)
  • Caramel Ice Cream topping
Place coffee, caramel syrup, sugar, milk, cream, and ice into a blender.

Blend until smooth.

Top with whipped cream and caramel topping.
Recipe from Domessticated
I cannot seem to find the original poster...I think it's here.

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Jeannie said...

I don't care for their coffee either, too strong or bitter or something, but I do like the frozen frappe drinks. I have a Keureg, so don't know how to get strong coffee. Maybe instant? I'd love for you to join my first Worth Wednesday Link Party, http://forwhatitsworth-jeannie.blogspot.com/2012/11/tortilla-roll-up.html

Unknown said...

Yuuum! You're not alone on the Starbucks thing - I really don't get the big deal either. Pinning this great recipe :)

Our Neck of the Woods said...

Oooh sounds delicious! I am actually a gold card carrying big fan of starbucks hehe :) But I won't hold your dislike of starbucks against you!

Visiting from Worthy Weds :)

Carrie @ My Favorite Finds said...

Love, love, love your new look! And, featuring this today from MTM. Thanks for sharing!

Jutta Lenihan said...

Love this one! And totally agree with you when it comes to Starbucks!
Thank you for sharing this at Wednesday Extravaganza! Hope to see you there again this week :)

Unknown said...

This is my fave drink at Starbucks! Can't wait to try your recipe.

Visiting from http://www.fiveoritethings.com

Unknown said...

I have tried this using my Keurig. What brand of K-Cups did you use. I am crazy about the McDonald's Caramel Frappe - I drink no less than 2 a day.

Janie said...

@Elizabeth Brooks - to be honest, I have no clue. We're big on Green Mountain Breakfast Blend and the Donut Shop coffees. Anything that's mild to medium roast.