Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Countdown to 2017: Best Main Dish

Today's category is Best Main Dish. I definitely have an abundance of main dish recipes on my blog because I make so many! Breakfast and desserts are far and few between, but main dish is 6 nights a week. We do tend to make at least one or two oldies in a week, but I am always happy to find something new to make for dinner.

  1. Pesto Burgers - We have had these burgers a few times in 2015 and 2016 and loved them. They are a very basic variation from a regular traditional burger, but they are so delicious.
  2. One Pot Chicken Parm Pasta - This recipe really took me by surprise. It's topped with seasoned toasted breadcrumbs that seriously make the dish.
  3. Chinese Green Beans with Ground Turkey -  Another pretty simple recipe, but really flavorful and one I always crave when I want Asian-style food.
  4. Ree's Philly Cheesesteaks - This is tied for my favorite recipe for Philly Cheesesteaks and it has Velveeta in it. I didn't think it would really be a favorite because of that, but I was wrong!
  5. Fast Faux-Baked Ziti - BESCHAMEL. Oh, the Beschamel sauce. This is such a wonderful dish that doesn't take a long time to make, but TASTES like it took you hours.
  6. Chipotle Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas - Another super simple recipe that is now my favorite way to make quesadillas.
  7. Dill Pickle Soup - This is literally the best soup ever. I saw it on Facebook and thought that it sounded interesting, but was very worried that my family would hate it. Turns out, they all loved it. WIN!
  8. Eggplant Marinara - I snuck eggplant into a recipe and no one freaked out and they all loved it. They all thought it was zucchini. :) It's hard to be the only one in the family to like a particular food.
  9. Copycat Hattie B's Hot Chicken - This Nashville copycat is spicy! Oh, so spicy!
  10. Copycat Guberburgers - Peanut butter on a burger. Yup. You have to try it.
  11. Kicked Up Sausage Alfredo - Posted super early in the year is a recipe we have made a million and a half times because it is fast and addictive.
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