Friday, April 04, 2014

Fantastical Friday

It's been quite a hectic week and next week will be even crazier. This week was full of doctor appointments for me and I'm not done yet. Monday, I went to see about getting my eczema and asthma treated, but apparently having symptoms and my mom and son both having asthma isn't enough proof that I have it, so I'm hoping the allergist will listen to me. I'm not impressed with the quality of care we get on base at all. :/ Yesterday, I went to the dentist for my cleaning - I LOVE my dentist's office. They are amazing. Tomorrow, it's off to the eye doctor. *phew*

Wednesday was my daughter's first field trip and I chaperoned. It was very hectic. Not sure how her teacher does it. We went to a maple "farm". New York is 2nd in states that make the most maple syrup. It was really awesome, but we were outside and it was cold and there was snow and ice everywhere.

Add school into that and I'm just plum exhausted.

I've been doing a little spring cleaning too. Desk area, pantry, and I tossed those damn snow boots away. Don't need them in the South!! Good riddance.

I need to tackle the spice cabinet today. Ick.
Pandora makes me happy when I'm cleaning and studying.
Also I have a water packet problem.

I found out about this really cool site that sells glasses called Spiffy Society (thanks Six Sisters' Stuff) - you can get 3 frames in the mail to try on for free, so that's what I did. Like I said up there....I got a eye doctor appointment on Saturday. I'd rather pay $95 for a pair of glasses plus taxes/shipping than over $250 at my eye doctor. I'm picking Charlotte - the frame on the bottom.

And MOST EXCITING NEWS!!! I always miss the photo an hour blog fun, so I am co-hosting a link up with my two besties: Melissa & Amber. Join us for the link up on May 2nd. Pick a day somewhere in the next month to take a picture an hour :) Then share your day with us on May 2nd. It's fun to see what goes on in a typical day of so many different people. The only requirement is to link back to one of us in your post - like "Linking up with Melissa of Lulu & SweetPea" - something like that.


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