Monday, November 10, 2014

Menu Plan Monday

This week I'm going to making two Secret Recipe Club recipes (if you are a food blogger interested in joining, check out the site!) and won't tell you what they are just yet - that's for the last Monday of the month :) I'm also still going to be doing lots of older recipes because we miss having had them again...and that's what we're doing. This week in particular is exciting because Monday and Tuesday are some of my all-time favorites and Thursday is going to be a recipe with some tweaks done to fix it :)

Bacon Chili Cheese Dogs
Ground beef (1), onion (1), bacon, tomato sauce, hot dogs, hot dog buns, shredded cheddar cheese

Lemon Fettuccine with Grilled Chicken with Salad and Asparagus

Angel hair, lemon (3), heavy cream, fresh basil, chicken tenderloins, salad, asparagus

SRC Recipe
Chicken bouillon, onion (1), cauliflower, shredded sharp cheddar, green onions

Pizza Burgers
Ground beef (1), ground pork (1), sliced provolone, pepperoni, marinara, kaiser rolls

SRC Recipe
vanilla yogurt, bananas, pecans, maple syrup

Total Spent: TBA


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