Thursday, December 28, 2017

Countdown to 2018: Best Main Dish Recipes

Now we're getting down to the bread and butter of the Countdown, the main dishes! Where would we be without main dish recipes? For me, probably in a sugar coma :P I post a great deal of main dishes on my blog, so I took out my favorites and will be posting those on the 1st. A lot of these are favorites too, but I took out my most favorite favorites. Can't wait to see what made everyone else's list!

Fantastical Sharing's Best Main Dish Recipes of 2017 #maindish #maincourse #savory #recipe #Countdownto2018

  1. Five Guys Little Style Burgers: I couldn't tell you why but we just loved these burgers. They weren't too different from what we normally make but something about them just was different.
  2. Perfectly Made Schnitzel: This is a classic way to make schnitzel and my go-to recipe for it. We ate schnitzel entirely too much this year :)
  3. Orecchiette with Spicy Sausage: Once in a while, there is a recipe that just disappears. It looks like it'll feed us and then there will be leftovers for the adults for lunch the next day...and this pasta dish disappeared. I made a double batch the second time and it also disappeared.
  4. Kicked Up Tatortot Hotdish: Tatortot Hotdish is basically part of my little Minnesota-raised soul but I LOVED this hearty, spicy variation of it. It was awesome!
  5. Grilled Hawaiian Teriyaki Bowls: I have such a weakness for pineapple in savory dishes and adored the jasmine coconut rice that was the base for the bowls.
  6. Chrissy's Cobb Salad: This recipe comes from the Cravings cookbook by Chrissy Teigen. If you don't have a copy, I urge you to go get one. Each recipe I've tried from it is a new favorite.
  7. Chicken Potato Chip Club Sandwiches: This recipe rose to the top of my to-make list when I tried burgers with potato chips. I think the crunch and saltiness factors really go well in a sandwich.
  8. Bacon and Brussels Carbonara: In an attempt to make my family love brussels, I made this recipe. None of them complained!
  9. Unstuffed Banana Pepper Soup: Every soup should come with a crust like this...a cheesy seasoned crust of deliciousness that is broiled on top of the soup.
  10. Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme Copycat: A remake of a tried-and-true recipe because someone commented the right way to assemble it (former employee - inside scoop!) and it deserved a whole new post.
  11. Roasted Cheesy Ham and Potato Soup: This soup is another recipe that rose to the top of my favorites of all-time. The vegetables and ham are roasted which I love! Plus it's served in a pretzel bowl.
  12. Copycat Applebee's All-In Brunch Burgers: I have yet to try this burger at Applebee's because I always get the quesadilla burger, but I loved making a copycat to enjoy at home.

In case you missed it, here's more of the best of 2017!


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