Monday, April 20, 2015

Menu Plan Monday - April 20, 2015

Menu Plan Monday | My week of meals, grocery list, and how much I'm spending on these delicious treats! #menuplan #groceries

Here is this week's menu! I went grocery shopping yesterday with all three kids in tow and man, alive, it was difficult! Not because of the baby, but because of trying to keep the older two in line. They are in that phase where they are either being rambunctious best friends or typical arguing siblings. They also are not very good with aisle awareness when both of them come with me. I went last week with Mason and Cami and she steered the stroller and was GREAT! Not so great when they get distracted LOL

Steak, Broccoli and Carrots, Potatoes
steak, broccoli, baby carrots, potatoes*

Southwest Chopped Chicken Salad
romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, can of corn, black beans, cilantro, tortilla strips, chicken breasts, taco seasoning, greek yogurt, garlic, lime

EZ Samoa Donuts // Cheddar Broccoli Soup
biscuits, caramel candies, coconut, chocolate chips* // celery*, carrots*, onion, double cheddar sauce (2), broccoli

Chicken Bruschetta
chicken breasts, lemon, fresh mozzarella, grape tomatoes, fresh basil, onion, ground black pepper

Ultimate Stuffed Crust Pizza
pizza dough*, shredded mozzarella, pizza sauce*, pepperoni, salami, shredded Parmesan, Italian sausage

Cinnabons // Cherry Cream Cheese Pie
brown sugar, cream cheese // cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk, lemon, cherry pie filling, graham crackers

Total Spent: $121.75


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