Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fantastical Feature: Downtown Grill & Brewery

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A while ago, my mom-in-law sent up a pint glass from this place in Knoxville, TN [where we're from] called Downtown Grill & Brewery. I've made it a new goal that each time we visit we find something new. Since we visited right before Nick deployed, I wanted to make sure we got a date in. We normally only go on dates when we're home and family watches the kids. Plus there is way more to do in Knoxville than up here at Fort Drum. So I wanted to do something extra special since it'll be a while before our next date - so we took a trip to the SawWorks Brewing Company Headquarters and then out to dinner. Since DG&B is near SawWorks, I decided we should go there too AND it also has to do with beer :)

I was honestly really disappointed with SW, so we only stayed for like 10 minutes and headed out for dinner. Downtown Knoxville can be really awesome, but I've never really had the chance to check out everything down there. We had no wait when we got to the restaurant even though it was very packed! It seems like such a popular joint!

The atmosphere in Downtown Grill & Brewery was very relaxing. It was one of those darker type of restaurants. Our server [wish I caught his name] was so friendly and incredibly awesome. He actually talked to us for a good bit each time he came to the table. The menu - WOW!! Nick and I have never sat for 20 minutes to try and figure out what we wanted to eat. Every single item on the menu looked like something amazing. Nick had a hard time picking what kind of craft brew he wanted to try too. Plus the whole menu was full of really funny descriptions and jokes :)

Nick tried the German Alt first - and while I'm not a beer drinker, it was very good. The second beer he tried was the ruby red New World Porter. Below is Nick showing me the color and talking about it. LOL We decided right before Nick gets back from deployment that I'm going to brew a batch of beer. He wants me to make up my own recipe and this beer right here was my inspiration. Instead of a crappy beer aftertaste, it literally tasted like you just bit off of a chocolate bar. It was the most delicious beer I've ever had. So I'm definitely going to try my hand a chocolatey porter like this one...with my own added touch.

For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to try an actual piece of tuna, not just the canned stuff. Nick is the same exact way. Neither of us are big on seafood though. Nick was the first of the two of us to grow a pair and try it out. He ordered the Blackened Ahi Ahi. He let me have the first bite, since he "accidentally" took the first bite of my food. The Ahi Ahi is one of the very best things I have ever eaten. Absolutely mouthwateringly GOOD.
I finally decided upon the steak fajitas it came with 5 tortillas and fixings [including fresh pico de gallo], refried beans, rice, and then I ordered a side of fries. Nick teased me because my food took up a good 2/3 of the table. I don't know what they did to the steak, but oh my good lord, *DROOL* - I just can't believe how good all of our food was. Not to mention the amount of food we got for their prices.

Overall, this is definitely a place we will be visiting every single time we go to town. The atmosphere, service, food, and price was outstanding. We had nothing but good things to say about it. If you are ever in Knoxville, CHECK IT OUT! Go there! :)

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