Friday, December 20, 2013

Change is Good.

Hello all! I hope 2013 has been kind to you :)

Yesterday's Funfetti Waffles will be the last actual recipe post of 2013. Starting the day after Christmas (next Thursday), I will be participating in Countdown to 2014 (3rd year participating in the Countdown) hosted by Finding Joy In My Kitchen. I will be rounding up the best of Fantastical of 2013.

Next news, some change to Fantastical in 2014: I will be starting a new weekly post called Fantastical Fridays.

They will include blog love, behind the scenes, and extra goodies that may be non-food related. The reason behind me starting Fantastical Fridays is that I actually have had two full-time blogs for a long time now and it's wearing me down very quickly. I decided 2014 is the year to reduce the stress of two blogs :)

The first Fantastical Friday should be a very memorable one because from the time period of today and that first Friday of 2014, my husband, Nick, will be returning from his third and last deployment!! So be ready for some homecoming pictures!!

And before I go, thank you to all of you readers out there for sticking around and sharing the food love. I wouldn't have near as much passion for sharing my recipes if it weren't for you all :) So THANK YOU!!


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