Friday, December 27, 2013

Countdown to 2014: Best Soup & Bread Recipes


Dec. 26 - Best Breakfast Recipes
Dec. 27 - Best Soup & Bread Recipes
Dec. 28 - Best Main Dish Recipes
Dec. 29 - Best Snacks and Appetizer Recipes
Dec. 30 - Best Dessert Recipes
Dec. 31 - Reader Favorites

I've split up today into two little collages, one for each soup and bread. It's the perfect weather to enjoy a bowl of soup and what's soup without some bread to dip in it? Well, I'm not sure because I don't dip bread in soup, but Nick and the kids do! haha

Best Soups of 2013 | Fantastical Sharing of Recipes #soups

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Best Breads of 2013 | Fantastical Sharing of Recipes #breads

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