Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Dozen Copycats

A Dozen Copycats: your favorite restaurant foods at home!

My favorite kind of recipes are copycats. I make dinner for my family every night at home. We eat out on rare occasions when it's convenient or when we get a craving. However, because I don't eat fast food or restaurant food often, when I do, my stomach ends up in knots. So without further ado, here are a dozen of my favorite copycat recipes!

 I had previously tried a copycat recipe for the famous breadsticks, however, it failed miserably. This time around was completely amazing. I froze half the dough to use later on. NOM.

I have never had McDonald's frappes, but I am way too obsessed with BK's caramel frappe. Since I don't drink soda often, I replace my fountain drink with any coffee drink at fast food places. This caramel frappe is unbelievably good.

Taco John's isn't a very popular chain unless you live in the midwest. I haven't had it since I lived in Minnesota. But any kind of taco with nacho cheese and tots is a winner in my book, copycat or not!

I've never had White Castle, but you could also say this is a Krystal's copycat. I personally hate Krystal's, but my husband loves it. We don't have Krystal's up here in New York, so having this for dinner really made my husband a happy guy. He said they were dead on - I think they were better. They had to be because I really loved them. You can also make and freeze them.

I'm still pretty nervous to make copycat snack cakes, but brownies seem pretty easy and these were very easy and totally epicly delicious!

This is another great copycat because you can make a bunch and freeze them.
I packed them in my son's lunchbox and they thawed out by lunch time.

 Starbucks has never been my favorite place to get coffee. It's so bitter and expensive. However, they have good frappes and this one in particular is one of the best. Making it at home just makes it that much better!

If you have ever had a Cinnabon, you know how coveted these babies are. To be able to have a whole batch sitting in your own kitchen, it's just the most amazing feeling in the world.

I looked at the recipe for this copycat and I honestly doubted that it would do anything, but then I made it and it seriously stunned me. I made it for my husband when he got back home from deployment and he was just as stunned. They are almost identical - again they taste a bit better. The rehydrating of the onion flakes is probably the coolest part of the recipe.

Another restaurant that is sorely missed here in the horrible horrible northeast...Chick Fil A. This copycat is dead on and it's the bomb dot com.

These are one of my favorite of the copycats because it seems like Taco Bells have just gone so downhill. Every time I try and order the combo meal for the quesadillas, my quesadillas are awful and so is my soft shell taco.

 Yum. This was a pretty lengthy and involved recipe, but it was worth it in the end. The chocolate cake recipe is to-date the very best homemade chocolate cake recipe I've made.

What are your favorite copycat recipes?
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