Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bucket List 2014

Today is the last day of the Countdown to 2014, as it IS 2014. WOOO! Happy 2014 everyone! I didn't have a miscellaneous post to do, so I'm doing my Bucket List. Be sure to stop by Finding Joy in My Kitchen to see the last day of posts for the Countdown to 2014. Thanks for letting me join in again, SnoWhite!

Last year, my Bucket List didn't go so well. I made a list of recipes I wanted to try and didn't get around to very many of them. So this year, I want to do a more general bucket list (::salute:: kudos if you get the reference).

  • Use my KitchenAid pasta attachment. Nick got this for me for Christmas in 2011 and I still haven't used it.
  • Master cooking in my new stainless steel cookware (tips are appreciated!).
  • Use my Cast Iron skillet at least 2x a month.
  • Make 12 new appetizer recipes.
  • Make 30 new breakfast recipes.
  • Make 24 new snack recipes.
  • Make 30 new dessert recipes.
  • Develop 12 original recipes.
Those are my basic goals. I may expand on that or add more in the year. I'm going to update in this post throughout the year with my most recent update being right under this little paragraph :) Do you all make bucket lists for the year? Have you ever tried a food/kitchen-related one?


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